Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tales From School

So I just wanted to post a quick little funny bit that happened in school today.

We were all sitting in anatomy class, and our professor Dr. Paul is up at the front of the room speaking about the placenta and asking if it is a part of the woman or from the baby. 

So he says, "please give to me," he is east indian so pretend it with the accent, "give to me raised hands who is a mother here".  So the Moms start raising their hands and he starts counting. 

Down at the front of class there was Danielle, she is a young gorgeous single girl, and she absent mindedly raises her hand. For a moment we were all in shock! WHAT!? You have a baby?

Dr. Paul looks at her and says, "WHAT!? You have a child!?" The exact utterances of the whole class. She looks around and says, "WHAT! Oh! No! I don't, whay are we raising our hands!?"

Funny yes, but then I got into my bright little brain that I wanted to make her something funny because of her blunder.

I decided to craft a lovely card made of lined loose leaf ripped haphazardly from my binder. 

On the cover was her name all pretty and colourful.  Inside it said, Congratulations on your child!  I signed it and asked my seat mate if she would like to sign it. She did and passed it along, soon the whole class was chuckling because they were signing it and passing it.

Before I knew it, someone else had gotten credit for it, but it was hilarious when I gave it to her and her face was shocked! It was so worth it! PRICELESS!

She thanked me, and said yeah sorry I didn't mean to LIE about having a child, I just wasn't sure how everyone would take it! Being made up and all!

The End


  1. Thanks Jamie! I enjoyed it! The whole class was chuckling for sure!

  2. what a fun group of people you get to go to school with!

  3. Yeah they are all really super people, I am so glad too because we are all stuck together for the next 3 years!
    I am one blessed cookie!