Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First entry

Well everyone where to start... too much to write and limited internet so thats all for today!

Hello everyone, welcome to Adventures of Crystal!
Since this is my first blog on this spot, I want you all to feel welcome, ok Mom, welcome to you!
So I guess I should give a small description of myself to anyone who feels interested in learning more about me and my adventures. I’m a little excited and nervous about writing a blog, and how my feelings will be on display for all to see, read and pick them apart. So please go easy on me, I have a fragile heart, and I would hate for it to be broken.
The past few months I have been blessed with the ability to discover God’s heart, to discover my own heart, and God’s will for me. I took a Discipleship Training School through YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada ( I could now write a summary of my whole 3 months but since I have already done that on the school’s blog, I will add the posts, to the end of this post so that if you feel like you want to read it then you can feel free to do so, and if not, then no worries. Hopefully I figure out how to do all the fancy things that the internet calls for. To be trendy, up to date, in style, ugh so much work, pretty much I am going to go for mediocre presentation, but top class in my writings, ramblings and ravings!
My DTS was, as I said, in Winnipeg, led by Kim and Jamie Arpin-Ricci, staffed by Michelle, Brennie and Lindsey. Pretty much they all did a great job and I owe them all so much for all thy have done for me, to help me grow and get closer to God by pushing and pursuing me on a regular basis. Wonderful people all of them I can honestly say that with all my heart. My team that took DTS with me were Michael, Devon, Carolyn, Carrie, Jasmin, and myself. I could write about all these people forever and ever because of how they have affected my life, how they have changed me, how we all grew together, and how I know I will forever have them to call my family. The people I wrote here will probably be mentioned quite a few times within this blog.
I became a Christian a couple of years ago, like many people it was a longer process than just hearing it once and believing from that point on. It's quite a long and messy story to be true and I am guessing as I write more in the future more of my little story will come out.
I don’t want this whole blog to be doom and gloom and heavy and stuff, so I’ll spill some of the happy things. Right now I am sitting at my parent’s house beside my littlest brother Isaiah, who as my Mom thinks never stops talking, I personally find him quite brilliant and ingenious in some of his ideas, and very talkative as well! I come from a large family, we are 8, but I only know 6 of my siblings on a personal level. Joanne, who married Ian who have 4 children, Nathan, Amy, Joseph, and Liam. Next born is David who is married to Coralee and they have a beautiful daughter named Abigail. Then ME! I like that one the best of all! KIDDING! Steven is next, strong and strong willed too. Michael who has always been my fashion guru (not really but I value his opinion very much). Then is sweet Tabitha, a quiet girl who is super observantof things that have been changed without anyone else noticing. Then is sweet Isaiah who I mentioned earlier, and who continues to read over my shoulder! I also have a half sister named Amanda who was born of my birth Father and a lady named Sylvia, she is being brought up in a foster home and I haven’t spoken to her for a number of years now.

While taking my DTS I learned that living in community is much like coming from a huge family, and that quickly community becomes family.
This may seem abrupt but I feel a little bored of typing now, and I want to go and hang out with my family, maybe eat some supper and watch a movie cuddle with my sister and/or brother!
Much love talk to you all soon!