Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sleepy Sundays, its Time to Open Those Eyes!

I woke up late this morning, probably intentionally sabotaging myself by staying up too late, so I wouldn't have to go to church.

I've been stressed out lately. Worried about school, worried about whether or not it is the right thing, and worried about having to work as much as I will have to to stay on top of my bills and it affecting my marks.

This is not a worry post however, I will get over it all in due time.

When I woke up late, looked at the clock and saw what time it was, I lay there for a minute, rubbed my eyes and felt the cool breeze blowing into the window. Heard the neighbors talking about this and that, thought about how good coffee would be, and got out of bed.

I am feeling so overwhelmed by how blessed I am! I am so blessed to wake up today! I feel so happy that as I walked into the kitchen to wash up my breakfast dishes it started raining, hard, and the fresh smell of it hit me and made me think about the rest of the afternoon.

I spend far too much time on the computer, this is true, and in this under used time, my friend Brennie had posted on his twitter page a link to a comic. A very good one in fact, and it led me into looking at more and more of The Adventures of ASBO Jesus.  And then I found this comic. I wondered how I could let the things that are so beautiful to me slip away without being noticed.

So I wanted to issue a challenge, open your eyes and look around. Where is God revealing himself to you at this exact moment?


  1. Not in response to your post, but to your comment on mine. I can't find your email address anyway so I'll answer your question here. :-)

    I sundried the grated zucchini on cookie sheets under an old window. It discolored a bit and I wasn't thrilled with the result, but it'll just go in zucchini bread anyway. I was really impressed with the "chips" though. I used the dehydrator for those, sprinkling some with salt that I'll use in cooking, and some with popcorn seasonings. They didn't discolor at all and look crisp and pretty in a jar, stacked like Pringles! The chunks were done in the dehydrator too since the chips were such a success.

  2. Very good challenge, sometimes we tend to miss seeing God in the little or even big things in our lives.