Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let's Forgive

My very good friend Jamie posted this link on his twitter account. I usually follow the links he sends my way, or posts up, and this time I am so very glad I did.  I am still feeling so emotional after viewing this, it stirred so much in my heart, past wounds, past hurts, and the forgiveness I have been able to see come to fruition because of Jesus in my life.

A short little back history with me is my Father has made some choices in his life that didn't coincide with having a family, choices that were completely selfish.  He chose to pursue an addiction and the life that comes with those choices.

For such a long time I had a hard time dealing with this, I wasn't sure what to do, I was torn between being a good daughter, being loyal, finding out where I fit in, and how I felt about everything.

Even still I still struggle with my feelings and where I will be going from this moment (its all about this moment and choosing to glide into the next).  I love my Father, and I do forgive him. I still cry though at this video because I know that pain, that complete love, and I know the sweetest embrace of my Saviour without whom I would be lost.

He helps me love, forgive, walk through painful things and know I am not alone.  I am so in love!

Today I give thanks for not only what I mention, but for my friend who posted the link, the person who made the video, for it all! I love you all!


  1. Yeah, I cried too. Thanks for being vulnerable & sharing your story.


  2. Jamie, it was you and Kim who had helped me such a great deal in getting to that point, you both are still such great friends, and are always there when I need you! I couldn't ask for more! I love you both!