Friday, August 21, 2009

often blog

I have a very good friend that I trust more than most people on this here earth, and he has been the most helpful person with my blogging experience thus far.
You have been so helpful, and the advice you give is priceless, plus it means we get to chat often and I dig chatting with you my brother!
Anyways, one thing Jamie told me is to blog often, and so this is my often blog!
Poor Lazy Jane, thats how I feel too!


  1. I like this often blogging : ) I should try it, too.

  2. Why thank you! Yes, blogging consistently is important, even if it is just to say that you will. Love ya sista!


    P.S. Why did you disable the comment option where I can add my own URL? Carrie, you need to do this too!