Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I wanted to post some pics of a couple of dolls I made, for 2 very good friends of mine who are having to patiently wait for their child to come from Ethiopia, as an encouragement. I hand stitched and painted these, I got the general pattern from Inside a Black Apple .
And I had seen my sister in law, Coralee, make a doll for my niece's friend Emma .

Today I found out that the dolls were delivered safely, and that Jamie and Kim love them! Yay!

Oh yes, and be sure to check out the links to everyone's blogs!


  1. We LOVE them! We are also SUPER impressed that you made them. You are awesome. Love you heaps!


  2. Thank you Coralee! You are a true inspiration!

  3. Oh my goodness!! This is amazing and you're constantly reminding me of how BIG your heart is!! Love you.