Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Classical Music, Studying and My Heart

So I have been listening to abundant amounts of classical music during studying, I find it helps alot. I found this awesome channel on YouTube that is awesome! While listening to it, I got very distracted with one song that I heard and it stuck out. I, of course needed to find more out about it and now I wanted to share the link and the translated lyrics, who knows maybe someone else will fall as in love with it as I have!

With all my love,


"Ständchen" translation: "text: Ludwig Rellstab, music: Franz Schubert (1797-1828). translation: a.l" Here it is ...

Title : Franz Schubert :Standchen (Schwanengesang, D 957: no 4)

The Link is here for the music.

I hope you enjoy it!

"Ständchen" ("Serenade")

My songs quietly implore you

through the night;

down to the silent wood

my love, come to me!

The tree tops whisper

in the light of the moon;

Don't be afraid, my love,

no-one will observe us.

Can you hear the nightingales?

Oh! They implore you,

their sweet lament

pleads with you on my behalf.

They understand the yearning I feel,

they know love's torture,

with their silvery notes

they touch every soft heart

Let them touch yours, too,

sweet love: hear my plea!

Trembling I await you,

come, bring me bliss!